One of the most important aspects of a medical facility is to have up to date equipment. Dr Moodley has gone the paperless route in her practice. She is currently using a high specification Philips ultrasound system for visualising pathology and for you to experience that special bond of seeing your unborn child.


  • Pregnancy planning
  • Confirmation of pregnancy
  • Antenatal¬† care
  • Twin pregnancies
  • High risk pregnancies
  • Vaginal deliveries
  • Caesarian sections
  • Post-natal care
  • 2D & 4D ultrasound scans

  • General gynae check ups
  • Cervical & breast cancer screening
  • Contraception & family planning
  • Menopause
  • Reproductive counselling (including infertility testing)
  • PCOS
  • Any gynaecological concerns (including abnormal bleeding & pain conditions)
  • Paediatric & adolescent gynaecology
  • Gynaecological surgeries
  • Transabdominal & transvaginal ultrasound scans

Services offered for:
Midlife and Postmenopausal women.

Services offered for:
Adolescents and Reproductive age women.