My journey to becoming a Mom

“I met Dr Moodley around February 2016, after I was diagnosed with abnormalities on my cervix following a routine checkup by my GP. It was a very emotional and difficult time for me.

Dr Moodley explained to me we would have to remove them surgically because they can become cancerous. They were removed but unfortunately returned again after about a year, and I had to have another procedure, with the concern being I can’t have them removed again if they return because should I want to start with a family, a thinned cervix can increase my chances of miscarriage.

I was encouraged to start with a family rather sooner than later, if it was something that I wanted.

I then fell pregnant but had a miscarriage around 6 or 7 weeks into the pregnancy.  A couple of months later I fell pregnant again, but this time it ended up being an ectopic pregnancy and I also lost one of my fallopian tubes.

I was very disheartened thinking at that stage that I would never be able to be a Mom.  Dr Moodley stood by my side every step of the way and through all of these procedures always encouraged me to “just pray”.

I then fell pregnant again, I had a healthy normal pregnancy, and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in April 2018.

I am also currently expecting our second child.

It has been a long road but I always felt comforted and supported by my husband, friends / family but especially by Dr Moodley as well, she always goes the extra mile for her patients.

I am grateful to God for being able to be a ‘Mom’ today and for the specific people he sent along my journey.

Christelle Kuhn

God bless you Dr Avril Moodley

Our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to you Dr Avril Moodley, I have truly enjoyed my pregnancy under your guiding hand. Your caring and comforting nature has made the process so beautiful. Always ready with advice and ensuring I knew what would lay ahead, was a summary update at the end of all sessions. I was made aware of the possibility of having a caesarian section and even after birth you came in for a brief visit to make sure I was doing well, exceptional care I am forever grateful for.

Expecting again, I came back and found that all my information from four years ago was safely stored, we picked up the conversation like I never left. Looking forward to the journey ahead under your guidance and care.

Based on my experience I would highly recommend you to any  “Mommy to be “, first, second or third time around, exceptional care and reassurance is the order of the day. Thank you.

The Ratti Family

I went to Dr Moodley in an emergency

Dr Moodley is an incredible doctor with a passion for her job like none other. I went to her in an emergency early in my pregnancy and after the emergency visit I was so amazed by the amount of care she showed towards me.  She checked and explained everything about my baby to me which calmed me right down.  I was so impressed that I made my next check up with her to see if that is how she does all her consultations and she once again exceeded my expectations and treated us with such care and respect and made the journey as first time parents one we would never forget.

She went over and above and I trusted her 100%.  She is thorough and listens to every question and concern and answers with a wealth of information. She prepared us for the birth and was available no matter what day or time. She pays careful attention to each one of her patients and their needs, I honestly felt like she really knew me and that I wasn’t just a number in her practice.

The after care from Dr Moodley was incredible and needless to say I had my second baby with her and recommended her to anyone that is looking for a gynae. Doctors like Dr Moodley are few and far between, her passion is tangible and I wouldn’t choose anyone else.

Kaylene Whittal